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The dire state of the Security services in Nigeria in no longer sustainable. Things can only get worse unless the govt act quickly to fix the situation. The first thing the govt need to accept is that there is no purely security solution to our insecurity. There also has to be Socio-Economic measures put in place to block the pipeline of new criminality we now see in Nigeria. But to establish a coherent policy; an Emergency Security Summit (ESS) should be organised by the President as a matter of urgency. This will bring together experts from within govt and outside of govt along with other key stake holders to design a solution to our increasing insecurity. The govt’s approach seems ad-hoc, disjointed, reactive and not Intelligence-Led.  00340825_3ec9962f652bb1d6c5fc7dbc8d53071c_arc614x376_w1200

The ESS must last no longer than a week and practical measures must be produced to address the sliding chaos in the nation. Why is an ESS necessary, you may ask? There are a few reasons:

1. The President current lives in a bubble and as such experiences selective narrative of what is going on and what is possible. Leaders if not careful surrounds themselves with those that affirms their blind spot rather than those that challenge it to bring broader perspectives. I am certain, PMB is being fed a narrowed perspective which has excluded many workable solutions. An ESS will enable him to see the entire spectrum of possibilities beyond his current narrow diet.

2. If you want to get something you have never got; you need to do something you have never done. An ESS will be a new action that will naturally produce new ideas the govt has never had before. It will allow fresh thinking and outside perspectives that can upturn the narrow fixation of those currently managing our security.

3. An ESS, will demonstrate the willingness of govt to indeed do ALL THAT IS NECESSARY to secure the nation. They have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

4. Nigeria has a lot of talent in the security field that are not being utilised. Many retired officers exist that now possess additional skill and insight that will help the nation. ESS will allow their input to be secured as additional perspectives.

Service-chiefs-Nigeria-military5. An ESS will create a Joined-Up solution instead of the agency-led silo activities that current exemplify our security responses. Too many disparate activities by the various agencies create waste. Nigeria has 21 agencies & ministries that relates to Security. There is no joined up platform for them or any strategic operational glue that binds them together. An ESS will force cooperation on them as tactical steps will have to be joined-up as they will all be present on the table.

6. If nothing else; an ESS will validate (through external experts) the actions of current security services, if indeed they have been doing the correct things. This will help build public support for them as they are currently viewed as incompetent and corrupt.

7. An ESS, will be a good platform to launch a new tactical and strategic operational security activities as the new Presidential term begins. Simply doing more of what has not worked in the past for years will not produce a different outcome.

So Mr President, we need an urgent Emergency Security Summit (ESS) to breath new life into this dead swamp of outdated and incoherent security operations. We must do ALL that is necessary when it comes to securing the nation. As I have stated before; there is no prosperous but insecure nation on earth. Security is the fundamental prerequisite for economic growth and democratic advancement. Enough of business as usual.

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ACHIEVING A DEVOLVED POLICE WITH  A NATIONAL NPF – A Quick Solution for Effective State Policing

State Police will be inevitable once there is full fiscal federalism in Nigeria. But state police without the fiscal firepower will be a disaster for most states. You don’t want unpaid armed police roaming the states. They will not act as peacefully as the civil servants have done in most states. But , the current centralised police force which has emasculated State Governors and turn them to mere observers in their own states is untenable. So what can we do in the interim? In the meantime; what can we do to create some devolved policing within a centralised command that the NPF has? Given the division caused by the call for state police, I believe I may have a compromise solution.

Section 215 (4) of the 1999 Constitution as Amended states:  Nigerian-police-1

“Subject   to   the   provisions   of   this   section, the   Governor   of   a   state   or   such Commissioner of the Government state as he may authorise in that behalf, MAY give  to  the  Commissioner  of  Police  of  that  state  such  lawful  directions  with respect to the maintenance and securing of public safety and public order within the  state  as  he  may  consider  necessary,  and  the  Commissioner  of  Police  shall comply with those directions or cause them to be complied with:

Provided  that  before  carrying  out  any  such  directions  under  the  foregoing provisions  of  this  subsection  the  Commissioner  of  Police  MAY  request  that  the matter  be  referred  to  the  President  or  such  minister  of  the  Government  of  the Federation   as   may   be   authorised   in   that   behalf   by   the   President   for   his directions”

This is the clause commissioners have used to ignore or disobey the instructions of Governors since 1999. The word MAY is the problem. The Governor May give lawful direction to the CP and the CP May refer such direction to Abuja before obeying it. This constitutional May; has become a MUST in relational to CPs having to check with Abuja before obeying any order from the Governors. So an amendment to the constitution will be needed.

A simple constitutional amendment should seek two things:

  1. Every state must be required to produce a 5yr State Security Strategy. This strategy will be submitted for approval by National Police Council or Police Service Commission. Once approved; this becomes the security blueprint for the state.
  2. Section 215 should replace the word MAY with the word WILL as long as the instruction from the state Governor is in line with the approved State Security Strategy.

With this small change; the NPF remains a national force and the deployments of Commissioners remains unchanged. But a Governor will gain the right to instruct the commissioner as long as that is in line with the federally approved, State Security Strategy. This will create greater accountability as Governors will now have the legal force to deliver on their security plan with the backing of the police command in their state.

The security priorities of each state will be different. Also the current ad-hoc responses of Governors to security challenges must also stop. They need to have a multi-year security strategy for their states. Once this strategy is approved; the CP can be instructed by the Governor to deliver based on it.

Full State Policing can then be put into the pot of devolved functions as part of a wholesome restructuring that include fiscal devolution. Until then, this small change in the constitution can be a test of the Governor’s capacity to manage security. Some use inability to direct the CP as excuse to hide their incompetence. With this small change in the constitution; the Governors will have no hiding place or be able to blame anyone else for insecurity in their states.

Of course a few other procedural and protocol related issues will need to be fine-tuned; but this is doable and it can be done very quickly. It is also not controversial, hence stands the opportunity to win universal support.

This may not be what some wants, but it will move us closer to Governors taking more responsibilities for their states & a strategy will ensure some forward thinking as well as planning in advance. This can only be good compared to d reactive paralysis we have now. So help us God.

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