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One of the revelations of this presidential campaign is how emasculated and disgracefully inefficient our traditional media is in Nigeria. Online debates are more muscular and dynamic in my view. But 80% of Nigerians do not have access.

In better democracies, the traditional media leads on and chooses the agenda to scrutinise politicians on. The dominant headlines are media-driven based on their take on the evolving stories. Of course their biases and inclinations will influence this. But to have a political party choose the story for the media to focus on in a political campaign is a sign of a dysfunctional media landscape.

The nasal obsession of the media on Buhari certificate saga in the past week has shown how easy it is to deflect them from focusing on more important matters of state or even show leadership by leading and lifting the discuss to more pertinent matters affecting the security, welfare and wellbeing of the people. In most elections, the challengers are held to account for sure but the bigger stories tend to be the report card of the incumbent as that is easier to measure.

The Nigerian media are doing a lot to stifle proper debate to the detriment of our democracy. Channels TV cut short Pastor Bakare’s broadcast two weeks ago when he appeared critical of President Jonathan. Few days ago while criticising Jonathan Silverbird TV cut off Kayemo live on air; blaming a technical error. Hmmmm. Convenient .

This is despite all the state media apparatus from FRSN, NAN, NTA, NOA etc all batting for the administration. The media will lose even more credibility if they continue to stifle debate or silent critical opinion of government.

The forth estate should live up to its responsibilities by challenging ALL parties equally and demand accountability for promises made and broken.


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Over the past few months, I have made comments on the political situation in Nigeria; but without taking side with any candidate or party. In an ideal world, we should be able to support any of the six or so Presidential candidates that are in this election. But it is obvious there are only two leading candidates, that is Buhari and Jonathan. The winner will be either of these two.

I took this matter to the Lord for direction, but no response came until this morning. The details of my encounter this morning is not for facebook but a future meeting. But I will in this series of notes, explain why I have arrived at my decision.

Buhari is a man with lots of issues that can raise concern about his future direction as a civilian president. imageNigeria as a nation is in the grip of the occult and the principalities of darkness. I have also previously stated that President Jonathan as a man, is a good man. But as a president, he is not his own man. He is not in control.

Few days ago, the Lord told me loud and clear, that “voting for Jonathan is not a vote for Jonathan”. Voting for Jonathan is a vote for these faceless Devils to continue their reign with Jonathan as a mere front man and pawn. But Buhari has his own baggage too. Nevertheless, Buhari presidency is the better choice for Nigeria. If you have been shown the spiritual terror Jonathan presidency has brought on the nation like I have, you will not support the continuation of his government.

The Obasanjo regime, brought the occultic grip on the nation to a new high, but Jonathan has naively and unwittingly increased the grip even further. In my view, Jonathan has allowed his personal quest for power to make him sellout the nation to occultic players with women as arrowheads. He is simply in office, but the power lies elsewhere. That cannot continue. I believe every president is subject to influences. But Buhari will be more of his own man than Jonathan has ever been.

The shedding of so many innocent blood in Nigeria in recent years have deeper meaning than many imagine. The innocent are being used in a power game by the political elite, who are under the inspiration of satanic forces. You have to judge the Jonathan administration as part of a 16 year continuous PDP rule. Nigeria is not a one party state. And it is healthy for democracy if others are given the chance to move the country forward. That is why in advanced democracies, parties in power change from time to time. I believe it time for us to say thanks to PDP for their 16years effort, let another party try to solve our problems going forward. What a party cannot solve in 16 years of continuous rule, cannot be solved in another 4years. There needs to be a fundamental change of direction and thrust for a Jonathan presidency to be viable, but that is not happening.

My decision have not been saliently based on manifestos or promises by the politicians. The history of the nation shows they cannot be trusted to fulfil their promises. But even then, my analysis on this front still favour the Buhari/Osinbajo ticket. I have based my decision on the insights I have received and not on any sentiments.

But I overheard in the spirit that there are unexpected twists ahead in this election. That is all I am able to say on this medium. While I cannot say who will win this election, I will admonish as many people as possible to vote Buhari/Osinbajo next month.

This presidential campaign has been full of so many distractions, abuses, rumours, fallacies and outright fake stories. We should not allow ourselves to be distracted to chasing shadows. We must stay on message. I will make more disclosures as I hope to speak at local meetings before the elections. So my support is for the Buhari/Osinbajo ticket. That is my considered verdict.

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